Graphs for Nerds

Have a listen to this excellent NPR Planet Money podcast, Lives Vs. The Economy, then spare a charitable thought for the politicians deciding when and how much to ease COVID-19 restrictions.

According to Worldometers, in the week ending April 20, Canada averaged 130 COVID-19 deaths per day, which is 30% more than the estimated 100 deaths per day attributed to smoking-related illnesses.

An article in MedRxiv suggests that SARS-COV-2 has already infected between 2.49% and 4.16% of a population, in this case, a somewhat random sample of Santa Clara residents. It has triggered its own “cytokine storm” of credible criticism (eg).

In a less contentious study by Massachusetts General Hospital physicians, one third of Chelsea residents test positive for antibodies, suggesting this COVID-19 hot spot is well on its way to herd immunity.

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